"Adams again has revealed both emotional intensity and an enormously clever wit...this was performance art as well as beautiful dance by a masterful artistic communicator."
Jennifer Noyer, Dance Critic (Blog 2013)

"Adams is a master of decorative and expressive dance gesture. Her hands, arms and total body describe tales of human experience with elegant spacial designs. Adams's dance was contemplation in stillness and beauty of line..."
Jennifer Noyer, Albuquerque Journal (13 May 2012)

"At the risk of gushing, I have to admit that this woman has the deep, intense, yet perfectly controlled artistic gift of dance as fine poetry."
Jennifer Noyer, Albuquerque Journal (22 May 2011)

"Adams connects immediately with the audience...performs with a fluid and disciplined grace."
Albuquerque Journal

"The concert was filled with novel premieres, entirely skillful works that engaged, sparkled and showcased how Adams has continued to grow as a dancer and artist."
Janet Eigner

"Adams' movement, linear and clean, exploited the qualities of her reedy, powerful body. She initiated dynamic movement from her astonishing torso, which can variously take on the undulating qualities of jell-o, or of an Indian yogi isolating and separating every muscle and vertebra...What the dances had in common were elements of exploration and surprise which kept the audience's rapt attention."
Dance Magazine

"These were brilliant dancers (Two Women Dancing) creating and moving at the top of their form."
Albuquerque Journal

"Adams and Eberle were securely at home in their healthy, muscular bodies and used them with insight and discipline. The result communicated humor, ardor and pathos."
Santa Fe New Mexican

"Julie Brette Adams, a catalyst for contemporary dance in Santa Fe for many years, dances with passion, a strong dramatic sense, and an eclectic technical background... This beautiful and exciting concert was well designed and entertaining."
Albuquerque Journal